Welcome to Drug Guild Distributors

Drug Guild Distributors is a fast growing cooperative of independent business owners. Our alliance with the Rochester Drug Cooperative (http://rdcdrug.com) gives us the buying power and resources to be in line with large chains and franchises.

Our main goal is to help business owners like you get a competitive edge in today's tough market.

Why are we doing this? The answer is very simple, because we are pharmaceutical business owners just like you, and who can understand and relate better?

We can be reached virtually any time of day or night, toll free at 855-RX-GUILD (855-794-8453). Our friendly staff is ready to answer your call from 8am - 8pm, daily.

The newest blood glucose meter is finally here!

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New, FDA-approved diabetic testing glucometer to benefit providers and their patients.

Drug Guild is the only distributor on the East Coast for the new glucometer.